Our nonprofit project MANITOS ARRIBA (“hands in the air”) is located in the “Hogar Virgen de Fátima” in La Paz, Bolivia. MANITOS ARRIBA supports the well-being of the children living within the “Hogar”.


The “Hogar Virgen de Fátima” is a government run home giving shelter to children who have been victims of abandonment, physical abuse, violence etc. Children living here range in age from newborns through 8 years of age.

Given the circumstances that resulted in them living within the “Hogar” they face problems that children living with stable families do not. This leads to developmental issues and can cause cognitive, emotional and behavior problems.

MANITOS ARRIBA wants to support and stimulate the children´s development helping to mitigate or solve the issues that result from the turmoil of their lives. Further, the project provides activities outside of the “Hogar” so that the children have exposures and experiences that mirror those children who are not living in the “Hogar”.


To offer the children of the “Hogar” the opportunity to grow up with similar educational and emotional opportunities as well as the tools of those children growing up with a stable family.


Improve the quality of life for the children living in the “Hogar”. Support their development and independence by providing educational needs based activities thus reducing the negative impact on the developmental years spent living away from a stable home.


All our work is voluntary and in collaboration with the local school “Unidad Educativa Virgen de Fátima”.